About Us

It's a total team effort. What can we say?

At American Ring Source, we take pride in making a difference.

Black Friday

Our pride stems from supporting local businesses like yourself – the American Independent Retail Jeweler.

Owned by the community’s friends and neighbors, generations have trusted you to share in the most significant moments of their lives — Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother’s Day, and more. As an Independent Jeweler, you have faithfully served your community for years by assisting with the purchase of that special, unique and beautiful item, to convey just the right sentiment for each important occasion.

At American Ring Source (ARS), working with you goes beyond selling jewelry — we work to develop relationships. We care about preserving local character and prosperity. We believe locally-owned businesses help build strong communities and create important social ties. We understand the importance of keeping dollars within your community. And we have understood the importance of social media long before it became an electronic buzzword.

Black Friday

Since 1985, ARS has helped you make these celebratory moments happen for your customers. ARS provides a profound understanding of the retail jewelry market. Our friendly and personal service allows the Independent Jeweler to exceed the customer service expectations of their clients. ARS is committed to helping you — the Independent Jeweler — not just survive the challenges in today’s market; but to thrive in your endeavors to offer fine quality jewelry to your customers as they celebrate life’s milestones and moments.

Creating value for our clients is our top merchandising goal.

Black Friday

We give you all of the tools to integrate your existing marketing and advertising initiatives.

Whether through our delivery sales, designer brands, core programs or our limited quantity value offerings, we give you the opportunity to merchandise your showcases any time you wish — with profitable and new styles, as well as quick turnaround on special orders.

Brian Michael, our branded designer line, comes in 14K, 18K and Platinum. These works of art are hand set with perfect finishes. Only those perfectly matched VS and SI clarity and near colorless diamonds are included in these pieces. These standards are available in our Custom CAD designs. Our core / basic programs cover traditional product categories, studs, bands, crosses, birthstones and price pointed offerings. However, we do not skimp on quality. We match SI clarity with H/I color to ensure that your customers will be able to see the difference in the quality that you offer compared to what others advertise.

Black Friday

There are times when it is important for you to be able to touch and feel merchandise before you make a decision to purchase. Our experienced sales reps bring not only the newest in product trends, but expanded selections for delivery. Our vast resources also allow us to offer you limited quantity values. These pieces can give you both incredible pricing and margin opportunities. These will be available not only in our sales lines, but also 24/7 on our b2b website. When the situation arises, memo goods can be sent for your review and selection, so that you and your customer are comfortable with the jewelry before you make the purchase. We are available to assist you with any of your jewelry needs 8:00am - 5:00pm EDT, Monday through Friday. For reorders, specialized orders, price inquiries, or to relay messages and questions to the sales staff, please feel free to contact us at any time!